Have you any question?

If you ever had an interview, you know it comes the time when the interviewer asks if you have any questions or doubts.

There is one question which surfaced to my mind only recently, and I've to admit it is one which would be quite hard to do; and the question is: “Is this an honourable company?”

Of course, as soon as I receive a positive answer, I would ask: “What is your definition of honour?”

Both the questions could be addressed to a potentianl employee as well: “Are you an honourable worker?”

I would be unconfortable on both side of the table, in both cases; but these are questions which will be asked, either directly, or just inside the mind of the employer or the employee; and at least there should be an agreement on what the word 'honour' means, and by extension what an honourable man is.

I've read some definitions of honour; I'm still far from understanding them.

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