pydev and Eclipse (I)

After a post I read on the python mailing list, where a developer was asking advice on the available python development enviroments, I thought it could be useful to write my thoughts about it. First I will write about what I think about Eclipse; then I will write about PyDev.

When you choose to work with pydev, you enter in the Eclipse world. You can feel comfortable there, like having a very big guy as a friend, or you can think your python is going to be smashed under the Eclipse elephant. You'll have to check and see.

First of all, be prepared to have a lot of memory and processor power available; forget to have less than 1 GB of memory, if you want to do any serious development; of course, Eclipse does not ask all that memory; but Firefox, Icedove, OpenOffice, KDE... all of them ask a lot of memory and horsepower too; and once you start using them all together, and you will do that, I'm sure you will do, Eclipse will ask for just more power.

After that, you've Eclipse at your service; it is not so easy to understand the way it works, at beginning; but it has a lot of power, inside it.

A tons of plugins are available; many of them provides functions for Java, but many are not bounded to just one language. And you can install support for C/C++ too, so that you can develop your C/C++ based extensions to Python.

For example, you want to edit your Trac tickets from inside Eclipse? Install Mylyn plugin and you've done; you want to manage your SVN? Install subeclipse, and you've done again.

In short, Eclipse is a world, and it is ready to put itself at your service, if you're able to speak its language.

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