Beautiful mornings

You start some of your days with your best intentions; you wake up early, wash yourself, shave, get a breakfast and are ready in thirty minutes to work, even if it is Sunday.

Then, you go to the computer and wait for your online pairer to show up. You're early, so it is not a problem if he's not there; in the meantime, you browse some online newspaper. Your computer seems a little more laggy than usual.

You check, and see that the lightweight browser named Firefox is eating 300 MB of your memory, and 90% of your CPU. "Ehi!" you think, "it must be that effect once I read about Firefox not being too much happy when you resume from suspend mode. No problem, I will kill him and restart."

But your computer still behaves like someone poured glue on your keyboard during the night.

You're wondering where your online pairer is; now he's late, but after all you agreed to meet at 6:30 AM; maybe he just slept a little more than he should, and will be online soon.

Then, all of sudden, your computer turns itself off. Not a warning message, not a dialogue, nothing.

You check the power cable: sometimes you forget to put it when the little beast complains about its batteries, but this is not the case.

Checking the temperature, you discover that either your computer got the flu or the fan that you had to change at least two months ago, and which whined its pain during the night, has eventually reached the peace, and it is broken.

So, since you know you have to work, you grab your home fan, and put it near your computer. In that way, it remains cool enough.

Trying to work again, you find that your computer is still as fast as a turtle in its sleepy days; so, since yesterday your computer was working, you try to remember what you did yesterday, besides working as a mad on your project.

Desperate, you try to install some upgrade on the available packages, hoping that they will help you in fixing your problem. But to no avail.

So, in the end, since you can't use all your morning for it, you decide to live with it. And you try to post it on your blog.

The only problem is that your blog does not accept posts, today.

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