At least, On Writing Well...

Image of On Writing Well, 25th Anniversary

When I was in high school, my grades in written italian were bad. Not so bad to become a problem, but bad nonetheless. The strange thing is that I loved to write. It was my favourite way to spend my free time.

But I was not able to write in good italian when I started high school. And I was still bad when I finished high school.

I've always wondered why. After reading this book, I understood: no one taught me. Ever.

Writing is a craft, with its rules and its tools, and this book shows you them; you still need to practice them: just because you know what you should do to drive does not make you a good driver; but knowing it allows you to practice, to acknowledge your mistakes, and to fix them.

This is a book for us all. We all have to write, be it an entry in a blog, a report for a manager, a mail to a friend, or a recipe of our favourite dish. Or, even, an howto on installing Linux on the latest notebook from Alienware. We all need to write.

Better then if we can learn to Write Well.

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